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Perseid Macro

One small player trying to make sense of the game

Trading Traps, Part 1: Pretending It Can Be Safe

We all know that “the market” isn’t a sentient being with any sort of will. But it really seems to act like a really patient trapper. It’s not stalking us like a predator. The terrain is made dangerous for us to walk through, and the market just waits for us to screw ourselves.

In this series, I’m going to try to explore some of these traps and what I can do not fall into to these traps.

By Perseid Macro | November 1st, 2017
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Understanding Global Liquidity, Part 3: Bond Rehypothecation

Part 2 of the series covered the Eurodollar system, fractional reserve banking, and the critical role Eurodollars played in providing the money that the world needed to grow after WW2.

As with any large, profitable trade, other players are going to want in on the action. That’s what Part 3 is about.

By Perseid Macro | October 11th, 2017
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Understanding Global Liquidity, Part 2: Eurodollars

This is Part 2 in an on-going series about understanding global liquidity.

The more I’ve learned about Eurodollars, the more I’m shocked to find out how critical this system is to the global economy, especially given how little people discuss it.

By Perseid Macro | October 10th, 2017
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Understanding Global Liquidity, Part 1: Credit Conditions Matrix

This series has grown out of my attempts to understand the diverse, informative viewpoints and create my own personal framework for understand global liquidity.

Part 1 descibes 2-dimensional Credit Conditions Matrix that provides a more nuanced view of credit tightness than the classical interest rate based view.

By Perseid Macro | October 9th, 2017
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